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    Come in any Saturday at 8 AM to join a group workout. Meet our trainers. Ask questions. Learn about our methods, and the theory behind it. You will get coaching in fundamental movements and a workout, not a sales pitch.

    The 8 AM Saturday sessions are free for first time visitors, and are open to anyone who wants to learn about Xtreme Athletix, including your friends and family. After the 1st session you can discuss membership plans and rates if you want to do so.

    The first thing you want to do is to contact us to schedule your FREE Introduction Session to Xtreme Athletix Boot Camp , by calling us at 813.401.2234 or by filling out the Pre-Acceptance Application provided to your far right.

    Your FREE Introduction Session to Xtreme Athletix Boot Camp is designed to help us find out more about your goals, experience level, and expectations and to help you learn more about our program first hand. This session is a prerequisite before you are able to join any of our group classes.

    So Hurry Now and Don't Wait, Call 813.401.2234 Now, or Fill out Your Information in the Pre-Acceptance Application to your far right to Schedule Your FREE workout !

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  • The first thing you want to do is to contact us to schedule your FREE 2 Week Try Out , by calling 813.401.2234 or by filling out your information below.

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    Private Personal Fitness Training Sessions (Limited Availability, Call 813.401.2234 or click HERE to book your sessions)

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CrossFit Lv I and Nutrition Coach, USA Weightlifting Sports Perfomance Coach, Fitness Trainer, MMA Athlete, Author & Therapist


I’ve been a Personal Trainer since 1997 and have been Neuro-Muscular Therapist since 1994. Through out this time, I have received certifications through various agencies such as NSCA, ACE, NFPT, ISSA and Mad Dog Athletics for Spinning. I have also attended seminars with the likes of Dr. Leon Chaitow, Dr. Hatfield, Aaron Mattes, Martin Rooney, JC Santana, Danny Inosanto, Master Chai, the Sayoc's, the Gracie’s and Rhadi Furguson. I’ve been involved in martial arts and fitness since I was 4, and have earned my Blue Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu over a year ago under Rob Kahn and the Royce Gracie Network. I also have been the Strength and Conditioning Coach for Tampa Muay Thai.

I now run a Tampa's first Fitness Boot Camp facility in South Tampa, training clients of all fitness levels and goals in both during group and private sessions.

I first began lifting weights when I was 13, inspired by Arnold. From there my training progressed throughout the years from the Bodybuilding style protocols to Power Lifting into Corrective Exercise & Neuro-Muscular Facilitation and Athletic Conditioning including Speed, Agility and Quickness Training and Metabolic Conditioning protocols. My dedication to the world of fitness is driven by my interest in the study and practice of human athletic peak performance.

Though my business and this blog, I enjoy showing the general public how fun, interesting and rewarding getting in shape can be.

I have been personally utilizing various high-intensity conditioning boot camp style protocols on myself and with my clients and the results have been awesome. Getting 60 year old women to be able to perform jumping pull-ups including their reaction, is just a sight to see!

I hope to continue to be able to broadcast the message of true fitness to so many more people, and have them know that there are so many others just like them, that are discovering that fitness can be a group thing, and that everyone, no matter who or where, goes though the same experiences in their journey towards a higher level of fitness and quality of life.

Call 813.401.2234 to join us!


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